Visibility into every stage of your production process.

The Challenges Within Manufacturing

Efficiency within the production and manufacturing industry is the pivotal difference in profitability and customer satisfaction. From receiving the initial order to moving through the shop floor and onto the loading dock, manufacturing companies must have a realistic understanding of their actual production process. The transformative potential of enterprise mobility within the manufacturing industry is inescapable. But for many mid-sized companies, an investment into a full-scale Warehouse Management System (WMS) is cost prohibitive and goes beyond the pressing need to have a cohesive strategy tying together the sales order, production, staging, kitting, and shipment process. This is why we believe there is a tremendous opportunity for production and manufacturing companies to leverage an operationally-focused mobility solution aimed at removing inefficiencies and providing clarity into actual production data.

What Mobility Can Do For Production & Manufacturing

By implementing a forward-thinking, mobility solution, our clients have been able to:

  • Streamline the transition between initial order, production, and shipping by identifying every item on a sales order and knowing its production status
  • Improve visibility into the production process by scanning items at critical benchmarks, giving a real-time status of every item on every order
  • Deliver on promises to maintain quality control by identifying defects and tracking repairs as they re-enter production
  • Improve customer service by viewing actual production data and give realistic estimates for shipping or installation
  • Monitor production workflow performance using dashboards and important data-driven reporting

A Mobility Solution For Your Industry

Essentially, any shop floor, manufacturing or production company that must identify, assemble and deliver product can benefit from an enterprise manufacturing mobility solution.