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  • Ahh, the barcode. The familiar image of data transfer trusted for nearly 50 years. The black and white striped workhorse of logistics automation that has become a true classic. It’s like your grandpa’s pick-up truck: certainly not flashy, but so well worn and always ready to work. And, nothing goes better with a barcode than a laser scanner, it is the logistics version of PB&J.

  • As we continue to work with companies in the logistics and last-mile delivery sector, there is one inescapable rule that has yet to be broken. Regardless of how big your company is, or the size of your market, your process is more important than technology. Even the best software will eventually bow to the authority of process — every time.

  • Over the past few weeks, we have put together a high-level video overview showing just some of the ways we are working to provide proof of delivery solutions for clinical lab delivery companies. We are excited to share this and spread the word. Give it a look! If you work in clinical lab delivery you know that moving things from A to B, is never as simple as it seems.
  • There is no doubt that mobile technology can revolutionize the way you run your business. But the actual motivation behind such a change will make all the difference in how your company (and boss) adopt the changes. Let’s face it, a lot of companies out there will sell you something without forcing you to have what I call, a gut-check.

  • Anyone can deliver something from one location to another; the million dollar question is how efficiently can they do it? However, the real challenge for most clinical delivery companies is the variety of items being delivered and the specific handling rules for those types.

  • There is often an unfortunate assumption made by companies looking to invest in mobile solutions. The thinking goes like this: do a quick Google search, scan a list of features and benefits, pick the option with the least expensive user license fees, and that’s that.