Our Company

We love building stuff that helps our customers be great.

Our History

Here at Sierra Data Systems, we thrive on working with operationally-minded companies who are looking to transform their business process with mobile technology. We take a consultative approach in helping our clients put in place a mobile strategy adapted to their specific operational requirements, enabling them to be industry leaders within their field.

Founded in 1997, we set out to use emerging web-based technology to help companies save money and improve every day repeatable tasks. Things like affordable cell phones, accessible high-speed internet, and HTML were cutting edge and opening a world of possibilities for forward-thinking companies.

In 2003 we took another significant leap forward as mobile technology became the rallying point of our company focus. Although words like “app” and “app store” wouldn’t be household terms for another 4 years, we had already begun writing and deploying mobile enterprise applications for businesses serious about mobile strategy.

While technology has continued to change–and always will–our passion for helping our clients become industry leaders within their field remains a driving, constant pursuit.

Our Philosophy

At the core, we provide expertise in re-engineering processes for the mobile worker. Whether it’s last mile logistics, manufacturing, or asset tracking, companies that employ a mobile workforce must have a cohesive mobility strategy that improves their operational effectiveness. This is why Sierra Data Systems is devoted to providing flexible mobile solutions that enable operationally-minded companies to transform how they approach everyday business activity.

Our Approach

  • We love process!

    While most software aims to help, what you do, the critical element is rolled up in how you go about it. We firmly believe that for a mobile strategy to be successful, system engineers must work hard to understand the actual business process of our clients. We haven’t done our job until we understand your process.

  • Flexibility is everything.

    If your customers expect you to be responsive and flexible, shouldn’t your mobile software solution? We are convinced that the dynamic environment of business operations requires a solution that can flex and adapt to the unique operational requirements of our clients. Without flexibility, a mobile strategy is bound to break.

  • Teamwork makes the dream work.

    Yes, the ability to deploy a mobile solution, collect data, and store all of this information is critical, but it is not the whole story. Mobile workers, back-office administrators and the end customer must all be united by a cohesive solution. When each of these elements is working together, a mobility solution is at its best.

  • Plan. Build. Ship!

    Neither canned nor fully customized, our applications are built to 80% of completion, allowing us to tailor the remaining 20% to client needs. This unique approach will enable us to move through the planning, building, and shipment of software in a matter of weeks instead of the typical months of development.