Last Mile Logistics

The critical piece within the entire delivery process.

The Challenges Within Last Mile Logistics

You have heard it said, “it is not how you start, but how you finish.” In the world of supply chain logistics, this is undoubtedly the case. The final stretch of the delivery process is no time to coast. Along with being a key to customer satisfaction, last mile delivery can be the most expensive and time-consuming part of the entire shipping process. Today’s end-customer is more mobile savvy and less patient than ever before. Customers have grown to expect instant shipping updates and faster delivery times at lower costs. Additionally, the pressure of delivering in congested urban areas and the inefficiencies of delivering single items to rural areas are the familiar hurdles for most delivery businesses. The challenges of the last mile will not go away on their own. Unless companies are willing to seriously evaluate their current operational patterns, seeking out ways to lower costs and become more efficient, they will continue to stumble.

What Mobility Can Do for Last Mile Delivery

As we with work with our clients we continuously find ways to use mobile technology to eliminate wasted time, unrealistic expectations upon drivers, and the inefficient processes that erode customer satisfaction. By implementing a forward-thinking, mobility solution, our clients have been able to:

  • Automate paper delivery tickets and forms, making the delivery process more efficient, secure, while minimizing errors.
  • Raise customer satisfaction and build trust by ensuring all items are handled securely and tracked accurately with line item validation.
  • Respond immediately to ad-hoc deliveries by assigning new orders to the proper route or driver with a clean and intuitive dispatch board.
  • Give drivers the information and confidence they need to accurately move all items through the pickup and delivery process with barcode validation and intuitive mobile handset workflows.

A Mobility Solution For Your Industry

Essentially, any company that must ensure items move from one location to another securely and efficiently can benefit from a last mile mobility solution.