Proof of Delivery

Build trust and set the bar for customer satisfaction by providing the peace of mind that all items are handled as promised.


Whether you are transporting people, medical supplies or delivering perishable food, you can’t afford to waste time, money or resources. Leverage a mobile solution that gives you the answers you need to oversee the handling of all items efficiently and accurately.

  • Destination Validation

    Ensure that handling instructions are followed by enforcing delivery destinations for all items picked up by a driver. These destinations can be set through your business rules, and established at the route, stop and item type level.

  • Custom Business Rules for Items and Stops

    Define and set specific business rules for item types or stops and enforce this logic throughout the pick up and delivery process.

  • Delivery/Pick up Validation

    Guard against mishandled or lost items with by validating handling instructions specific to individual item types, locations, or customers.

  • Image Capture

    Take the guesswork out of the delivery process and document critical moments with a picture. This image can be associated with the item, stop, or route and accessed for quick reference.

  • Secure Handoffs

    Increase the accuracy of all item transfers between drivers by securely limiting handoffs between approved workers with barcode validation.

  • Barcode Scanning

    Eliminate the unnecessary steps a driver needs to perform at each stop by automatically analyzing item types and destinations right from item barcodes.

  • Item Type Rules

    Create business rules specific to individual item types and enforce this logic throughout the entire handling process.

  • Container Tracking

    Nest multiple items within a container and then maintain the chain of custody of those individual items through transfers, deliveries, or secure handoffs.

  • GPS

    Leverage GPS technology to maintain the efficiency of your mobile workforce by tracking time on route, time at stop, out of sequence stops, or perimeter violations.