Completely shift the way you think about buying materials and let our Purchasing system automatically take care of the process for you.


Know exactly what you have On-Hand | Identify what you have In-Transit | Project what you need | Automatically select the lowest cost Supplier

  • Overview

    The central purposes of the Purchasing Module are knowing exactly what you have on-hand, identifying what you have in-transit, and projecting what you need. You can also automatically select the lowest cost Supplier.

  • Automatically Purchase

    Building off the purpose provided above, our system can automatically purchase Parts, so you always have the exact amount of Material needed for each Job.

  • Accurate Inventory

    In addition to purchasing for Jobs, a Minimum On-Hand value can be established down to a selected bin within your Warehouse, guaranteeing more than adequate Inventory is always available.

  • Detailed Purchase Orders

    The Purchase Order for each Supplier allows for optional price points to be selected per Unit of Measure.

  • Trend Reporting

    Trend Reports within purchasing will identify price fluctuation over time to assist in pricing concessions with Suppliers.

  • Price Locking

    Establish price locks with Suppliers for specific periods of time.

  • Maintain Purchase Orders

    Our system improves your ability to maintain Purchase Orders with outstanding line items, ensuring timely receipt of In-Transit values.

  • Lowest Cost

    Cost comparisons between Suppliers for selected Parts ensures the lowest cost is always utilized.