Construction Software

We provide a construction solution that encapsulates every part of your business. From inventory to billing, and everything in between, we optimize each process in the trade industry.


Our solution is backed by 25 years of industry experience, being built specifically for how you operate.

  • Options Management

    Options Management is the foundation of Sierra. This is where configuration for Plans and Options occur, including a full list of Parts and associated Labor Rates, to formulate Material and Labor Budgets.

  • Purchasing

    Completely shift the way you think about buying materials and let our Purchasing system automatically take care of the process for you.

  • Inventory

    The Inventory system is the basis for Job Costing and confirms that Materials are available for scheduled work.

  • Scheduling

    Scheduling is the hub of our software—not only does it assign manpower to Projects, but it drives Material Projections, Purchasing, Inventory, Job Costing, and Billing.

  • Labor

    Verify employee time is only allocated to scheduled Jobs, along with efficiently tracking hours, meals, overtime, and time off. Also, leverage real time comparisons between budgeted and actual labor.

  • Job Costing

    Our Job Cost system provides daily over/under analysis as work is completed.

  • Billing

    The Billing system ensures the contracted amount for each phase of construction is properly consolidated and billed as work is completed.

  • Employee Incentives

    The Incentive program is a transparency and collaboration tool aimed at incentivizing Employees to share in Labor cost savings.

  • Reports & Dashboards

    No longer search through spreadsheets and various system for the information you need. We compiled all the data for you and placed them in easy to read Reports and Dashboards.

Software that Works With You, Not Against You

Building upon critical industry requirements, we craft a tailored mobile workflow for your unique operational needs. Allowing you to better direct field workers and ensure your business rules are being enforced through the entire process.

  • Planning

    A detailed Bill of Materials with Part configurations per Task and Room result in extremely accurate Material & Labor Budgets.

  • Visibility

    An integrated Scheduling Application provides 100% visibility into all Material and Manpower allocations.

  • Accountability

    Operational Accountability is achieved through "Same Day" Material and Labor Costs with our integrated Mobile Application.

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